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Click on the photo for a great website.

Click on the photo for a great website.

I first learned to shoot in summer camp, back when summer camp still taught skills useful in real backcountry situations. But it wasn’t until Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” came out that I became a gun nut.

That’s right, Michael Moore turned me into a gun nut.

Because I smelled a rat, and I did my own digging.

Like a good party mix, gun nuts come in all shapes, sizes and colors. (I’d consider myself from the honey roasted variety). We’re not a bunch of drooling, thirteen-toed inbred rednecks, as some folks would have the world believe. Nor would we all identify with the Religious Right, Republican ideals or roadkill cooking.

Your local gun nut might be the last person you expect, and their reasons for carrying might astound you. If you are a female, your reasons may differ than that of many men…but if you are a female who has endured a stalking situation (as the victim, silly) or who has survived rape or abuse, you probably realize better than most the reality that police and the justice system are not there to protect you from harm, but to deal with the aftermath.

I am not going to bash our President Elect, because that’s not my style. In many ways, I truly admire him. In some very important ways, I’m worried. Barack Obama has a clear history of supporting ill-conceived firearm restrictions.

January 20 will be a day to celebrate, regardless of whom you voted for today. George Bush, who now has the worst approval rating since the beginning of approval ratings (it’s official!) is getting the boot, and it’s also my birthday (WOOT!) Between now and then, I highly encourage each of you to visit one or more of the RKBA (Right to Keep and Bear Arms) websites over there —-> and edjumacate yourself a bit. Learn why the term “assault weapon” raises the hackles of well-informed firearms enthusiasts, and why certain laws in certain states (cough cough california cough) are not only nonsensical, but laughable.

Have an inheirent hatred of guns? Try a little aversion therapy. Head down to a local range, and ask for some instruction and orientation.

Afraid that if you hold a gun, it will spontaneously go off? Unlike a teenage boy, firearms don’t just go off at the slightest touch. Even those that have no “safety” switches. You’ll learn about this, too, with a few minutes of research.

Have you heard the one about “A gun will only be used against you?” Who came up with that? Sure, happens a ton in movies, but extremely rarely in real-world self-defense situations, regardless of (lack of) training.

Are you already a hoplophile? Then take it upon yourself to get the word out. Take some non-nut friends to the range, and…SUPPORT A 2A group! Seriously, for the price of a box of ammo (that is, the price of a box of ammo before legislation jacks it up next year) you can join one of the groups over —> and make a difference.

‘Nuff said. For now.


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